Schmidt v. Krikorian Newsletter

Four years of waiting for the Federal Elections Commission

On August 31, 2011, David Krikorian wrote to the Federal Elections Commission with a detailed account of elections law violations by Jean Schmidt, her campaign committee and others.  Their letter acknowledging receipt of that Complaint and assigning it Matter Under Review Number 6494 is here.

Some 45 months later, we await some inquiry, some input, some response from the FEC.  To date: aboslutely nothing; stone silence.

Schmidt FEC case one of 21 oldest

The FEC Complaint relating to Jean Schmidt's acceptance of nearly $500,000 to pay her legal fees in her battle with David Krikorian was filed in September of 2011.  The case is still pending, some 41 months later.

Still waiting on the FEC

The fact that it has been quiet and quiet for a very long time on the complaint before the Federal Elections Commission is a good thing.  It's a very good thing.

This is because the Complaintant, David Krikorian, must receive notice from the FEC before the Complaint is dismissed, he has not received any such notice, and the FEC tries to wrap everything up within two years of a complaint being brought (the speed of the federal government). 

Cox News' Middletown Journal has well-written piece on status of everything

It can be tough for a reporter new to the Schmidt v. Krikorian story to understand all the twists and turns in the long and winding tale.

Yet this piece in today's Middletown Journal really captures everything very nicely, and adds the perspectives of a national expert on ethics to the mix.  An especially nice touch was actually calling Ms. Schmidt to ask for her perspective.  After all, we certainly want balance in reporting about these matters.

COAST has a good entry up on Jean Schmidt's termination report

Well, rules are rules, and if you are Jean Schmidt, rules are meant to be completely and blithely ignored.

Thus, as she left Congress under the cloud of an ethical scandal over massive illegal contributions to her from the Turkish Coalition of America, it was curious that she decided again to refuse to come clean with her constituents as required by the law.

Well, one more "final" insult

Our last entry (below) is entitled the "Final Insult," as we thought it would be, but today's Enquirer features yet another story of Jean Schmidt blithely and completely ignoring her obligations under the law, this time her failure to file a final personal financial disclosure form with the House clerk.  

Read here as the COAST blog features the next insult of Jean Schmidt to the law, to the House Ethics Committee and to her constituents.

The final insult

Today we obtained a copy of Jean Schmidt's final trust fund report for her period of service as a Congressman, her fourth quarter 2012 report.  It showed, once again, that there were no contributions and no expenditures during this reporting period.

So much for her statement that "she always intended to pay" her legal fees.  It all sounds pretty funny now.

Even as a former Congressman, Jean Schmidt still has an active legal expense fund.  Should you want to coontribute, we are sure she would appreciate it. 

House Ethics Committee issues its year-end 2012 report

The House Ethics Committee has issued its 2012 report entitled "Activities of the Committee on Ethics for the 112th Congress" and in there, gloriously, at pages 33-35 recounts:

As Schmidt exits Congress, she still faces the music with the Federal Elections Commission

We have all read how Jean Schmidt slipped the noose of the House Ethics Committee discipline as a result of the contrived explanation that she "did not know" of the massive gifts made in her behalf by the Turkish Coalition of America.  Still, the House Ethics Committee did order Ms.

That's four in a row! Schmidt fails again to raise money to repay her legal fees

As this article in The Hill and this Enquirer blog entry explain, Congressman Jean Schmidt last week filed her third quarter legal expense fund report with the House Clerk (copy attached), and much to our surprise (sarcasm), it showed that once again she has not raised a dime to re-pay the nearly half million dollars in debt she owes to

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